Need held with my survey page

I just completed the survey as per the specifications of the project but somehow it seems I am missing a few thing please help.

You are missing the entire CSS part. Maybe you have not done this yet.

HI @19940820 !

You are currently failing 4 tests.
Make sure to read the full error messages to solve the problem.

Is there something you don’t understand about the error messages?

For example,
If I enter an email that is not formatted correctly, I will see an HTML5 validation error.
Email field should be HTML5 validated : expected ‘text’ to equal ‘email’

You wrote this

  <input id="email" type="text" placeholder="Enter your email" required>

Do you see where the issue is?

You need to go through all four error messages and locate the issues they bring up.

@jwilkins.oboe Thank you for your suggestions. i saw my errors and they were easily fixable.

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