Need Help Aligning Shrinking Content and Nav-Items

Hi everyone,

I’m working on my portfolio website and need advice on two issues:

  1. Aligned Shrinking: How can I make my brand logo and “Scroll” text move together while maintaining alignment with the “Hello I’m…” text when I shrink the page horizontally(left to right)?
  2. Navigation Alignment: When I shrink the page horizontally, my nav-items aren’t moving like the image under them does. How can I make them move properly like the image?

Your insights are appreciated! :pray:

  • you might have to reconsider “layout” in smaller screens

happy coding :slight_smile:

So start from the smallest view and keep adjusting the navbar every time it breaks?

I really like your page.
And I dont share compliments just like that.

Nice work.

Maybe that back to top could appear sooner, anyway, it’s all done very good.

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Thank you! I really appreciate it :raised_hands:

Can’t wait until I am done making it fully responsive. And thanks for the suggestion, I’ll see what the back to top button looks like in the projects section instead of being at the very bottom.

not a bad idea to test that out, shouldn’t take that many breakpoints, go with what are usual break points and adjust your layout according to those, happy coding :slight_smile:

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