Need Help Coding

Dear Members,

After practicing challenges all is mixing up in my head. functions, arrays, objects. Most of the challenges I check hint portion or google it, I am not able to write code by myself. How to overcome with that any suggestions please. ??

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I google and look at the get hint as well, but I find myself doing it less the more challenges I do. Now I mostly just look up references. When you look up something especially the get hint part. Dont just copy paste the answer. Try to read through it and understand what it is doing and how it is doing it.

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Yeah @komegga when I stuck and nothing comes in my mind how to start then I visit the get hint part. I do not copy paste the code. I read to code first and try to understand it,I’ll write the same code by myself. Is it normal situation ??

if you want to avoid seeing the solution, you can use the “Ask for help” button to post here in the forum, people will try to tell you what’s the error, and gives you hint on how to solve it

What are you googling for?

I am a developer with nearly 20 years of experience, I still google stuff, I google a lot, I use StackOverflow - maybe not daily but at least a couple of times per week. It’s totally, absolutely normal. Don’t think that Googling is cheating. In fact, in my opinion, Googling for answers efficiently (i.e. constructing a good google query that returns your answer in one of the first few hits) is one of the most underestimated skills of an experienced developer.

If you’re googling literally for the solution of this specific question on FCC, then of course that may be a problem - but don’t feel it’s a problem if you google for things that can escape your memory quickly. If you’re googling for some details of syntax that you don’t use often, or for reference on an API, or an example similar to the one you have at hand - that’s actually completely normal. In time, as you write more and more code, the stuff that you use most often will naturally stick in your head, so you won’t have to google syntax for iterating over an array. Stuff you use less frequently, like maybe regexp expressions syntax, you’ll still google. And of course what you google and not will depend on what you use on daily basis.

Programming is a tough journey at first (my husband recently trained as a dev, so I could see how painful it was for him at times!). Getting someone more experienced (e.g. on this forum) to try an clarify some concepts, if there is anything not 100% clear, will also help. In programming, understanding is way, way more important than memorising constructs. If you understand, you can quickly google what your memory cannot reach quickly.
And practice, practice, practice.

Good luck!

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Thank you @lilianaziolek for your clear answer. If I need any help sure will seek from any senior from this forum. :slight_smile:

sure the journey of coding is quite painful at first 5 to 6 months, but as if you practice on daily basis and grip the concepts then things will get in your favor and will get fun doing this. :slight_smile: