Useful JS functions that are helpful for coding challenges?

Hi all , i have a coding challenge from a company coming up and i have been practicing on codewars as the recruiter suggested.

Anyone have any suggestions for useful functions and techniques that helps with coding challenges on top of what i know ? =>

What i have been using to solve JS challenges on codewars, leetcode so far

Math functions
Math.max, math.sign etc

Array functions
Splice, slice ,map , filter , reduce

Hasownproperty. Object.keys

Spread operator , Array.fill

Do let me know if u have suggestions to add on thanks !

You have covered common and useful topics though, i am sharing some more to have a look.

  1. Multi-line Strings in ES6 with variables.
  2. Promises in ES6
  3. Classes in ES6
  4. Template Literals in ES6
  5. Default Parameters in ES6

For more subtle concepts and snippets have a look at this Repo :

I pretty much have these two open constantly when working on algorithms: