Need help in Pomodoro clock

I got a timer, to stop it, I used cleartimeout which didn’t work. I am not sure whether its because I used settimeout twice in the code or so. Please help. Thanks in advance.

How are you wanting the user to be able to stop/pause the timer? I looked for a button, but did not see one. Also, I do not see where you tried clearTimeout.

I want to hit the div ie. yellow circle so used that div id with onclick of stop function

I’m not seeing your clearTimeout either.

please check now… Have updated the url… Stop is working now… Couldn’t able to resume it, as I have included hour also, I was not able to retrieve my last paused min and sec properly.

I disabled my reset button when stop is clicked, however while enabling it on some condition, its not getting enabled. Please help me out.

The code in line 79-80 is executed only a single time and the if statement always ends up false.


Move the code at line 80 to #resume button’s click event to enable the reset button on click.

Extra hint