Need help in the survey form project

in the project they ask for a dropdown menu but i do not remember doing this in the exercises before. Please can someone help me and show me how to create a dropdown menu?

u need the select element

If the exercises didn’t cover it, that means you are supposed to find another source of information to solve the task.
As a developer, you will run into things you either don’t know or don’t remember all the time - hence this projects are not just meant to use previously acquired knowledge, but to force you to seek out additional resources.

In other words: You don’t want anyone here to help you, but you want to go to Google or some html documentation and seek out information there.
Only if you get stuck there, should you come here for help. Think of it like a training exercise.

I’d recommend or HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN
Though you still might to google it because it’s not as straightforward to find.

in case u are lost,i mean

Thank you for the info and the links.

i was kinda lost since the exercises did not cover this funtion. thank you for the help

The forum renders html, so you need to use the “</>” option provided above the text-field, when writing code :wink:

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