Dropdown menu in Survey Form Project

In the Survey Form Project we’re asked to create a dropdown menu. As far as I can see, no dropdown-menu html was taught in the previous challenges, so I’m picking up the necessary html steps from other online tutorials.

Before I spend the time on this (I don’t have a lot of time to spare!), is this the right approach? Have others had to do this, too?

Many thanks


Hello, Peter.

You are correct; potentially, the learner has not come across the HTML for a dropdown. There are many topics not covered in the fCC curriculum. This is purposeful, and is why we try to communicate the importance of Read-Search-Ask. That is, there are many things a learner will have to research on their own, and is why the forum is set up - to be a community of mixed expertise, learning from one another.

Please do spend some time on the research to accomplish the tasks, if you want to. I went with the simple approach of:

  <option> Option 1</option>
  <option> Option 2</option>

It is rudimentary, but does the job.

I hope this helps.

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Hello Sky

Yes, this was beginning to dawn on me! Thanks for confirming my impressions, as this assures me I’m not wandering off down a blind alley.

I have just come across the ‘select’ tag in a tutorial, (I think I’m getting there!)

Many thanks and best wishes


Thanks Sky! I also was wondering how I was supposed to complete this task when it wasn’t part of the FCC course to date. You’ve both put me on the right path :slight_smile: