Syntax of dropdown selects! Survey form help

Hi everybody! I have a problem with the dropdown menu in the Survey Form Project. I couldn’t find an example in the challenges and I know I’m doing wrong because that’s the only test I still can’t pass in the Project.
If you could give me an example it would be great.
Thanks! Here’s the code:

<label id="dropdown" type="dropdown"> Select a favorite place where to watch movies</label>              
 <option value="theatres">theatres</option>
               <option value="home">home</option>

And the error:

Select should contain at least 2 selectable options : expected 0 to be at least 2

That drop down select menu is created by the <select> tag.

You just need to wrap your options in that tag.

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@bbsmooth Thank you! I hadn’t read the link you posted. It was very useful! I could pass the test now. Big thanks!

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@i-tech Thank you! It’s a more difficult code but really nice and challenging. I’ll try this!

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