Help with survey form project

Hey y’all new to this programming thing but am trying and have this problem that is literally running me up the wall.
Link to project:
The issue is when I run this code for the survey project user stories 12-17 all say that they are not in the form tags. They are there so now I am completely at a loss for what could possibly be wrong? I made my code in notepad ++ (am not sure if that is a good place to write code but its what I have at the moment). Any advice on anything would be honestly very helpful!

Move the survery-info div inside the form.


<div id="survery-info">
  <form id="survey-form">


<form id="survey-form">
  <div id="survery-info">

Also, please add the test script when asking for help so we do not have to add it.

Alright figured it out! However the 12th user story is still incorrect? It states “Select should contain at least 2 selectable options : expected 0 to be at least 2
AssertionError: Select should contain at least 2 selectable options : expected 0 to be at least 2”. I tested if it works and lets me pick choices and it does so I am not sure how it doesnt register my choices?

<div id="dropdown-menu">
    <h3><label for="choices">If you are attending a form a college, please select one of these choices.</label></h3><br>
      <select id="college-choice">
        <option id="dropdown" value="">Please choose one</option>
        <option id="not-attending" value="not-attending">Not attending</option>
        <option id="attending" value="Attending">Attending</option>

You didn’t update the Codepen, but with the change I suggested it passes all the tests for me. If you still need help, Update your Codepen and add the test script. Click the Settings button, click the JS, paste in the test script in one of the boxes at the bottom

BTW, you have invalid HTML. For one, that is not how you declare the doctype. But on Codepen you do not need the body and all that comes before it (doctype, html, head, body) so you can just remove it.

Sorry about that. updated the codepen :

<select id="college-choice">
<option id="dropdown" value="">Please choose one </option>
<option id="not-attending" value="not-attending">Not attending </option>
<option id="attending"value="Attending">Attending </option>

what I dont get is what that error code means, like I looked it up in google but havent found much luck with it… sorry

The error message is:
Inside the form element, I can select an option from a dropdown that has corresponding id=“dropdown”.'

You’re reading it wrong. The select element is what makes it a dropdown and that is what should have an id="dropdown"

Oh ok. I had done that before but it had not worked when I did it and now it does? Thanks thou!