Need Help Nesting Elements

Hello everyone! I am new here and am doing the “Responsive Web Design Certification” curriculum. I am currently learning how to nest elements within another element using HTML5 and am quite stuck. Is there anyone who could help me understand how to use this skill as well as be able to write it properly in terms of my syntax? Thank you very much in advance!

Welcome. Can you post your code and a link to the challenge you are stuck on? When you post your code, paste it between two sets of three backticks or use the </> tool.

Hi @NBK and welcome to the forum.

An HTML document (a page) has a structure (parent/child elements). I don’t know until where you went to the challenges but maybe you already met the main tag.

<main> <!-- here main is the parent element -->
  <p>I am a text</p> <!-- p is the child element of main, then nested into the main tag (opened main and closed /main -->

Does it answers your wondering?

I’m stuck on nesting elements as well. Are we suppose to go off the example or just add in our own text?

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