Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo - Step 5

I have been trying to understand and find the correct answer for hours.
What şs the correct answer for me to understand?

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Hello, welcome to the forum!

If you want to ask a question about a certain exercise in the curriculum, you can press the help button after you’ve got the question wrong a couple of time and you will be send to the forum with your code in place.

But getting to your question, you want to nest the main part of the webpage inside of a main tag. Nesting thing can be done in this way:

      <child of child>
      </child of child>

You want your main event to be the parent and everything else in the body to be the child.

I hope that this helps

All other elements on the page should be in between opening and closing “main” tags to indicate it is the main part of your page.


Hello @fernandez2017 !

It is great that you solved the problem.

However, forum rules ask not to provide the direct answers to posts.
Instead focus on guiding the person to find the solution on their own.

Happy coding!