Need help on my portfolio page

In About sec gave a background image and it has right and left margin which i didn’t specify. I want image fit the screen width. Also there is a top margin between nav bar and about section and would like to get rid of that too.

You placed the background image inside of a div with the class container. This class automatically has left and right margins because of how bootstrap works. If you want it to stretch across the entire screen you should give you div the class of container-fluid.

Secondly to get rid of the margin between your about section and the navbar.

Your (nav class="navbar navbar-dark bg-primary ") item has a bottom margin of 20px.

That plus your h2 (


) has a top margin of 20px.

To fix this just override it in css or in-line. Or change where you have set the margin.

I assume this is what you were looking for. I changed the container to container-fluid. I then targeted each piece by id to overide the margins for the h2 and the nav class. I gave the nav class an id of navBarCustom. The highlighted CSS is all i changed in the css.

thank you for helping!