Portfolio UI feedback?

I’m just started working on my portfolio webpage and I have the basic user interface sorted mostly. I would like some feedback on it.

One question I have is, why is there a left margin that I can’t get rid of. It came about when I put in the div with the class - “container-fluid”. Also how can I get rid of the link underline. A lot of the features I’ve seen in the examples weren’t covered in the exercises. For example using position: fixed; or a bootstrap equivalent to create a navigation bar. Thanks for the project feedback!!!

It is standard bootstrap behaviour. The container-fluid class got padding-left and padding-right of 15px. You can check this by “inspecting” the page.[quote=“tobiasmeyrick, post:1, topic:60558”]
Also how can I get rid of the link underline.

  text-decoration: none;

I would suggest taking a look at the Bootstrap docs they have a ton of example code.

@tobiasmeyrick hey I like how it looks so far but I would make the text a brighter color.

Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback, I’ll go in and make some changes!