First Personal Portfolio, Almost Finished

I’m almost there, before I can finish this portfolio I would like to get your guys’ opinions on it. Right now I have some placeholder text in the “about me” section but that will be changed in a few hours.

As this is my 2nd project I apologize for some of the adaptability issues and weird, possibly empty CSS. I will continue to adapt and upgrade this webpage as I will be using it for many years to come. (And commenting and rearranging CSS to line up with its corresponding html)

Hi! I like your portfolio. You should avoid nesting bootstrap containers because each container adds side paddings (you can see why this should be avoided if you watch your about section with a small width window). It is enough to set an outer div with the container (or container-fluid) class and put within it all your contents. For portfolio items, I would have used col-*-12 class only for xs devices.