Portfolio Help-Divs container and portfolio images

I am looking for any tips possible on my First Portfolio.

Anything helps!.


You have a typo here: id=o bjetivos

You have three nested container or container-fluid and it shouldn’t, (I think the Bootstrap docs says that those classes shouldn’t be nested).

You might to give the various parts of your portfolio a certain height so we actually get to scroll down (and so try the links in the navbar?)

Do you have specific questions?

1)Thanks I will review the typos.
2)So I shouldnt nest the containers inside containers or container-fluid?
3)Sorry to ask but the heigh property will work? 200px value?
4)I dont have projects done, should I add white images as placeholder?
5)To change the links in the navbar I should try how the a:hover acts?.

6)Any good tips to improve it?
7)Should I start from scratch when I think I am heading the wrong way?

Thank you @timotheap

About the height, it depends on what you want to achieve. I think the example shows roughly 100vh (that’s 100 viewport height) so we have nice sections. You can try that, it’s more responsive than saying “200px”.

You can use placeholders (something really convenient is placehold.it ) because it allows you to work on the layout.

Yes, a:hover { your code here;} should do the trick (if you want to get rid of the underline for example, or add some hover effect).

Don’t start from scratch, you have a very nice start, it works well when we downsize.

You might want to try to work more on the layout of your text, for now it spreads across the entire width of my laptop, it would be nice to “contain” it a little bit? Also how about giving some padding to your navbar? (it’s just a suggestion, nothing necessary).

The stripe effect you have is interesting - I don’t know if it’s intentional ?


Well I worked on it but still have a lot to do.

1)Could you check my jQuery script? I want to press the contact me to show my social media profiles.
2) I should comment more my codes right?
3) How should I “contain” my text? sorry I know it should be easy but I kinda tired for today.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Your script works fine if you put it in the JS section (so the third “console”, next to CSS) instead of the HTML.

As for commenting your code, I’m not sure I see a need for that here - but why not? It makes it easier to see which section is which - maybe also faster for people who check your code.

By “contain” I only meant to give so margin or padding to your text so that it doesn’t spread across the entire width of the screen. Also so that it’s not stuck against the very beginning of a colored div, you know what I mean?

[UPDATE] I don’t know if you understand what the bootstrap “container” class does, so I’ve made this quick pen to illustrate.

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Amazing the Pen illustrated it very well! thank you I will udpate my portfolio tomorrow after I fix these wrong “containers”.
Thank you very much.

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