About that personal portfolio - divs and containers - help please!

So I am doing a simple one page portfolio but I am having some trouble defining divs heights and alignments, particularly with the footer and contact box containers, does anyone have a good grasp on this or could probably help me find the proper search terms? Thank you!


What in particular are you trying to accomplish? Everything looks really good to me.

Well, I guess you see it when the view is full https://codepen.io/gracacs/full/YWZAGX/, if you go to the last bit, Contact, the div is all messed up, it pulls on the previous bit, the Portfolio, and it is kind if annoying because you can’t really see it in editor’s view x)

yep i see it … when you change the window size you feel like your being suddenly attacked by large yellow boxes which is after eaten all the content of the page.
as i dont use bootstrap i cant really help … i use media queries and flex box … but im thinking of going off and doing a page with bootstrap to see why so many are having problems.
One thing i do see you have a few divs set up with container fluid … im not sure but i think only one div should have this and this goes around all the other divs. but im sure somebody with solid bootstrap experience will be able to direct you.

Yes, that is the problem. And now I even didn’t notice that the header moved out positions on me. I saw written about flexbox and has helped me somewhat in the first block but other than that I don’t really get what is happening here.

When I resize your site and the hamburger menu appears, the hamburger menu is not clickable.

Oh, I hadn’t thought about that yet. Do you have any tips? Thank you