7 days to create my portfolio page. Let me know what you think

Hi folks ! :blush:

I just finished my portfolio page and had 3 issues which I couldn’t solve:

  • I didn’t figured out how to expand my footer over the whole viewport view. I was not able to overrule bootstrap’s class="container".
  • If you scroll down to my “Contact” section and further, you’ll notice that the “Name”, “Email” and “Subject” forms are above the navbar. I tried to fix this by adding a Z-Index within the <body> tag and a lower Z-Index to these forms… w/o success. :unamused:
  • The bootstrap’s ScrollSpy is still not working, but I’ll solve this one…:cowboy_hat_face:

If you have any suggestions to these issues; I’d really love to hear them. :innocent:

Link to portfolio page

Overall that was a great exercise, I know now what bugfixing means. The lesson I learned was to keep the code tidy from the beginning. If you start copy+past from here and there you’ll loose the overview if you don’t help yourself by separating sections with comments or so. Furthermore, as Preethi said in one of her great videos on YT: Just because you wrote the code, it doesn’t mean that you understood what you wrote. I tried to understand as much as I could… :slight_smile:

Cheers & thanks in advance !

Hi @codenco

Re your first bullet point, can I suggest you take a look at:


Secondly, you don’t need to include the bootstrap and other libraries in your HTML. It is sufficient to add them to the project as you seem to have done.

Finally, I did get scrollspy working in my Portfolio page. If you want to check out my code, please take a look here.

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Hi @petersim :slight_smile:
Thanks for the tipps, I really appreciate it ! I’ll take a look to your links ! :ok_hand:t4: