Portfolio Challenge Finished: Feedback Please

I think I just finished my portfolio challenge. Not sure it is exactly what I want yet. Tried to just use what I have learned thus far and put together something to satisfy the challenge. Hoping to come back and rework and polish it up when I learn more.

After peaking at others, there are things like jumbotron and other things that I have yet to learn.

Still, I would greatly appreciate feedback.

Question. On the Contact Me link at the bottom, is there a way to not have the line under the words once it is clicked?

Thanks ahead of time.


Looks good! Good use of color and the layout looks really clean.

One thing I would recommend is reading a bit more about Bootstrap’s Grid layout.
Instead of forcing users to scroll left or right to see your portfolio and design items on smaller screens, you can add each item as a column and it will wrap depending on the current viewport size and the value you gave the column for that viewport.



Didn’t see your question until after I posted. You can usually figure out how to solve issues like an underlined link by using the developer tools and looking at an element’s state values (focus, active, hover, visited). In your case, I believe you want to remove the underline when focused:

a:focus {
    text-decoration: none;

You can also remove it from hover using the same logic if you wish.

Thanks so much for the input. I will definitely read that over. The scrolling was intentional, but from what it sounds like, the preference would rather be scrolling with up and down the page vs the way I have it.

I will try a version like that and see how it goes.

Also thanks for the solution to removing that focus line.