My Portfolio V1.0 - Feedback appreciated

Here is the problem I had so far:

I like having the picture on the left and the text overflowing like it does on smaller screens, but to achieve this I used
float: left; on my picture, it may become a problem with the positioning on very large screens/resolution.

Edit: One more problem is that in smaller windows, my title and social links aren’t on the same line.

Other notes:

I’m still looking into adding a background picture but I haven’t found one that I liked.

I am keeping those vaporwavy colors though!

What do you think, what should be improved, I’m still fairly new to coding, especialy with bootstrap but I am proud of what I’ve accomplished in a few hours.

Thanks everyone!

Edit 2: Finished improvements based on benetta’s feedback, I think it looks pretty good now, thank you friend!

Love the background =) I have a 1920x1080 resolution, no problem with image. Well, it doesn’t overflow now, but you may add a media query for bigger screens to increase a font-size. But the way it looks now is really nice and clean.

What to add?

A sticky navigation that goes with user all way down =) And change the cursor from default to pointer, because the change of color is too small and I didn’t even realise it’s a link for the first time. It will be nice to make it go from violet to cyan, when you hover over the link, with a violet border or shadow =)

Second, it might be good to repeat your contact information in the footer. That’s more a business trick - people first read about you, look through some projects, and then check links.

And third, I would add some margins between the blocks in contact form. It looks too “pressed” right now. 10-15px would be fine.

Overall, a veny good impression - about text is like “wow, this guy IS something” :smiley:

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Thank you for the feedback, I stickied your post and will apply these changes as soon as I’m done with the Javascript challenges.

I had trouble with stickied navigation because of how thin my nav bar is, it just looked silly. The other suggestions all sound very interesting and I will do my best to implement them.

Have a great day and thanks again!