Finally Feel Happy About My Portfolio Project

(Link) Prepared w/ Bootstrap

There it is ^^^^

I spent some time growing through the net ninja youtube videos as I didn’t have a good understanding of bootstrap after going through the FCC challenges.

I built a few quick “demos” and tore them down and redid them just so I can understand the div’s, row’s, col sizes, etc. I wanted to understand the layout. Truthfully, once I learn flexbox I think I will redo my beginner projects. Going forward, I think I’m going to use flexbox for my projects.

I made this portfolio with mobile design in mind first.

Let me know what you think about my portfolio and what you think I should change.

**Edit:**I realized that I have not linked the menus to the appropriate sections. That is my last step.

Edit: Last edit, but just wanted to say that I have linked my menus using Bootstrap’s scrollspy. Now I need to learn more JS so I can make the transition smooth :slight_smile:

I’d love some feedback :slight_smile:

Hey Joe

The portfolio’s lookin’ great!

I would suggest changing the button’s beneath the project describing the skills your using. As it stands now, I hover over them, my cursor changes to a pointer and the color darkens, and I expect something to happen when I click them, yet nothing changes.

Your Contacts section, on the other hand, has icons I can click, but nothing changes about them to let me KNOW that I can click them. I would just add the effect you use in the Skills section onto your Contact links and you’re good there.

Those are some good tips! I’ll implement them!

Any suggestion on the tags I have below the my project pics? I’m not sure about the best way to display what skills I used for each project.

It’s just that it makes me think your links are broken right now when you really just want to display the skills you’re using in each project, right? Just make them appear like normal text.

You could change the hover effect of those buttons so it doesn’t look like they’re links to anything. Make the cursor default and the color remain the same. Or you could just change it into text and make the border and background fancy to make it look like buttons. I don’t know, just a couple of ideas.

I was going to make them appear as regular text, but I want to style them as well. Maybe I’ll use CSS to make them how I want. Thanks for the tips!