Kyu's Personal Portfolio

Hey guys!

I finally finished the Responsive Web Design section, really excited to start with the JavaScript challenges!

As always, I’d like to hear your feedback, please tell me what you think. :slight_smile:

(I didn’t add all the links for the project tiles etc, will do that tommorow, need some sleep :smile:)


Great job! It looks really nice, clean, and simple. Easy to look at, nice padding and fonts.

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Thank you very much!

Very simple, but looks good. You seem to have a good design sense (same for the projects).

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Thank you, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:
Should I maybe add some more “content”, like for example an “About Me” section? Or do you think I should keep it that simple?

Very nice indeed! I congratulate you for this good work!

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Beautiful project! You did a marvelous job

Two very simple changes I would make

  • the nav buttons have the title explain what they mean. instead, i would make it change to text on hover, or vise versa. it makes the navigation more explicit in where it’s going
  • the contact icons at the bottom didn’t change size when i reduced the size of my window, which made one row of three icons, and a second row of just one icon. that’s a quick bootstrap fix

The thing I like the most of how your projects and skills are what stands out. An entire section for “About Me” might ruin the flow. You could possibly add a column to your “Contact” section and just put a blurb of what you’re all about. If the viewer has any questions or comments, the contact section is right there

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@AdrianJ Thank you Adrian!

@drregg6 This is some good advice, thank you for the feedback!