Need help on responding web design project

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can someone help me understand what im doing i re read several times and i am lost and stuck not sure what to do can someone help me please

im not sure how to do all 5 of the lesson

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

Link to the challenge:

Did you complete all of the Responsive Web Design Certification module?

how do i run the test on my pen to see if i hit all check points that it asked in the stories?

yes i did i did all of them now im on 0/5 responsive web design project and im kinda stuck i created my codepen im just a lil confused once i get pass this first lesson and understand how to do it correctly i will be able to do the other withs no problem

When you are in your codepen, look for the settings wheel. Once you are in Pen Settings, look for the JS tab. Under the “Add external scripts/pens” portion, paste:

Then hit close. The testing module should then appear on your webpage.

got it thank you so much so when it say in red its showing me 3/10 in red do that mean i failed 3/10? i still need help with the rest of the stuff im not sure exactly what im doing

Click on the button that says 3/10 and it will show you the tests that you are failing!

got you im stuck on number 7 how do i fix it im lost :weary:

#7 is just an external link to a web page on the topic of your tribute page. Put the specified id="" inside the <a> tag.

thats what i have so far

and why it keep saying post withdrawn by author are they being deleted? and sorry for all the questions im new to this trynna figure things out

I have moved your post to a more suitable sub-forum.

The posts are saying “withdrawn by author”, because you are doing something to delete the changes you are making to replies/posts. This could be something like editing a reply to a topic within two different browser tabs.

it seems you have copied the sample project

please try completing your own from scratch

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