Need help passing last two tests for random quote machine project

This is my code. I’m kind of new here and I’m doing this all on my own with the help of Youtube. I’m going to take a break and come back to this.

Hi @ZeroStratus03 !

I have added your link inside the body of your post so people can click on it.

But also, you are posting this because you need help with something?
Or you are looking for a general review from the forum?

Also I have a question when I put an ’ on one of the quotes it messes up am I suppose to have all the quotes purple or does it matter?

Yeah I need help on one of the final projects. Its the random quote machine and I’m 10/12 on passing it.

I changed the title of your post so people will know what you need help with :+1:

As to your question, when I run the tests the error message says this:

Within #quote-box, I can see a clickable <a> element with corresponding id=“tweet-quote”.

I am looking at your code and you wrote this

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To solve #5, try looking at the exact spelling of what you need for your id.

sorry for saying the same thing you did! I hate when that happens.

hahaha no worries.
The more the merrier :slight_smile:

Ok thank you so much for your help I passed the challenge. Thank you all who helped me.

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