Need help portfolio design! URGENT!

Hi needed help with my portfolio.

How can i make the background image smaller? for my 1st page.

I can’t seem to find a way to scale it.

Hope someone will help me.

Thank you in advance.

Can you post the code from your page, or if your portfolio is on, post its pen? That will help us help you :wink: .

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Yes, at least supply us with some code so we can see what you are trying. Show us what you tried, tell us what you want it to do, and tell us what it is doing instead.

Try, for example:

height: 180px;
width: 180px;

You can check out the different official sizes of images for more fitting sizes.

Scroll down the pages @

hi guys,
sorry and thank you for responding.
here is my page didn’t notice that i did not include my page. anyway here it is.
feel free to comment i want it to make it smaller the 1st page background please dont mind the other elements of the page it still on process. but feel free to suggest. again guys thank you.

Do you mean the background of the leaves? I’m not sure what you mean my “make it smaller”. Perhaps the css:

background-size: contain;

Try changing each of those background-size to contain and see if that is what you want.

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If you change it to:

background-size: 100%;

The image will be mobile responsive. Is that what you’re asking? Or if you want it really small and maybe have the image repeat itself you could change it to a lower percentage.

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hi the one with the class background

ill try it later shannon thanks you