Need Help Survey Project

So I am currently working on the Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Survey Form. I am having an issue with the test saying that my inputs for the email and number are not validating properly. I have searched and tried solutions in these forums but nothing seems to help. Everything else is passing properly.
My code may be a little messy. And I am still working on layout but I want to make sure the I can at least pass the test requirement before I get too much further on the project.
It won’t let me post links yet but I will paste in the pertinent code. If you need more information let me know.

<label for: "email" id= "email-label" class= "left"> *E-mail:</label>
      <input type: "email" name="email" min= "10" max= "30" id= "email" placeholder= "" required class= "right">
      <label for: "number" id= "number-label" class= "left">Age: </label>
      <input id="number" type: "number"  min= "18" max="99" placeholder= "Age" required class= "right">

Your code is wrong.

For the <label> element only set the for atribute. Use for='email' and not for: email

See this challenge.

That was definitely a typo and I did not catch that. Thank you so much!