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hi im really frustrated with the survey form, like one minute my code is working next minute it;s not. im really hoping that their is a glitch and im not crazy. i keep getting the message: * Your #email-label should contain text that describes the input.

  • Failed:Your #number-label should contain text that describes the input.
    but my #name-label is structed the same way with no problem.


<label for='name’id=‘name-label’>
<input id='name’type='text’required name='name’placeholder=‘Please Enter YourName’>

<label for='email’id=‘email-label’><input id=‘email’ type=‘email’ name='email’required class="inline"placeholder=‘Please Enter Your Email’>
<label for='number’id=‘number-label’><input name='number’id=‘number’ class="inline"type=‘number’

Please help!!

Between the opening ‘label’ tag and ‘input’ element you should enter the text that is required or you want to put it there:

<label>Text: <input></label>

This is guidance.

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hi Dobar, thanks i added text to the email and number but the name label didn’t require, although the test results says that text is in my name label. i don’t understand why we have placeholders if we are adding text. Guess it’s about appearance. thanks for the support, have a great day!! #freecodecampSupport

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Placeholder text is guidance entered in an input text field before you start to type in something (kind of explanatory text about that field). The text between ‘label’ tags is “real” text on your web page, and it will not disappear when you enter something in the text field.

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i have one more issue with this form, can you please help? Every radio button group should have at least 2 radio buttons.

Do you have someone to talk to?

<input type=‘radio’ name=‘yes’ value='yes’id=‘yes’>Yes

<input type=‘radio’ name=‘no’ value='no’id=‘no’>No

Do you feel safe in your community?

<input type=‘radio’ name=‘yes2’ value='yes2’id=‘yes2’>Yes

<input type=‘radio’ name=‘no2’ value='no2’id=‘no2’>No

i do have labels on each input not sure why they didn’t show up

Make always a blank space between attributes. Both ‘value’ attributes haven’t the same single quotes. Check it out. If you remedy this the text will show up.

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Thanks so much DobarBrend!! #freecodecampSupport

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