Need help to test & submit my first project!

How do i use the CDN link provided to run test suits for my tribute page on github??
This is my first ever project submission and i cant seem to figure it out…so any help would be greatly appreciated, thank-you!

Welcome to the forums @Achal. The tests are just a simple JS script so place it in your HTML document right before the closing body tag.
When you open your page in a browser you’ll see the hamburger menu so your can run the tests.
If any test fails the button will turn red. Click on it to see an explanation of the failing test.

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thank-youu so much! that took care of the testing part,
But to submit do I need to host it on github ?

Yes, either host it on GitHub or use codepen. It just has to be somewhere where people can see it and it should have the link to the tests as well.

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