Need help! Trying to pick between 3 different topics for a course on programming careers

Hey guys,

I need your help. I’m considering building a class for new coders about career stuff.

I’m a senior engineer with 20+ years of experience. I helped kickstart a bunch of careers + I was the founder of the data team at so I have a lot I can share about software careers that would be useful.

I’m considering 3 different topics. Do any of these seem exciting? Are there other topics I should address instead?

Topic 1

Full Stack Web Developer: Career path guide

There are a million ways to make a living as a coder. Front end, back end, full stack, data science, consultant, small company, big company… on and on.

This course will help you understand your different career options. We’ll talk about the skills each path will build, the salaries you can expect, what you’ll miss learning if you take this path, what day to day work is like and how to get started.

Topic 2

Full Stack Web Developer: Strategies for getting in the door as a coder when you don’t have much experience

You can code and you want a job… but how do you get one? This course will help you develop a strategy for getting a software development job.

We’ll talk about the software development market and the concerns employers face when they’re considering making a new hire. We’ll look at small time gigs, resumes, developing an industry focus, working with recruiters, the role of portfolios and other strategies as a way to stand out from the competition.

Topic 3

Full Stack Web Developer: How to pass the coding interview ~ lessons from doing hundreds of technical screens in a tech recruiting company

A lot of developers struggle with coding interviews. What do you do when you’re presented with a question you can’t answer?

In this course we’ll talk about how you attitude, approach and confidence matter more than whether or not you solve the problem. We’ll talk about fear and how trying to tackle tough brain-teaser problems without breaking them down can lead to analysis paralysis. We’ll then go through some sample interviews and show you how you can use tests to stand out from your competition.

Topic 4 - Something else?


I think you should create a course on “Beginner Full Stack Web Development: HTML, CSS, React & Node”.

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I think all three topics are great.

Maybe you should start with the one that gets you excited.

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