Need help with Arrays- Java

College Assignment:

This assignment consists of writing a program with multiple classes and arraylists.

This program is similar in functionality with the Module 2 assignment

  1. Create a Student class with

  2. Private instance variables for first and last name, three integer scores, the average ,and letter grade

  3. A constructor with values

  4. Methods to set and get the values of the instance variables

  5. Method to calculate the average of the three scores and to assign this value to the instance variable average

  6. Method to determine the letter grade and to assign this value to the instance variable grade. Letter grade is based on the following criteria - average 90-100 grade is A, 80-89.99 grade is B, 70-79.99 grade is C, all others F (use a nested if)

  7. Methods to get the average and letter grade

  8. Method to format and print the name, scores, average ( to two decimal places), and letter grade. (using printf() method)

  9. Create a StudentMod3 class

  10. Declare an arraylist of objects of type Student

  11. Read the first and last name, and three scores, of three students into elements of the arraylist

  12. Determine the average and letter grade of the three students.

  13. Output the name, scores, average, and letter grade of the three people

Please submit well documented and easily readable java files. I recommend you work with NetBeans or any other IDE to develop these programs.

Not looking for the answer/solution to this assignment, but would like some help understanding Arraylists

What do you not understand about arraylists?