Need help with Bootstrap3 Grid System in my Portfolio


I’m trying to figure out why my grid system in my portfolio section is broken… could anyone help me?

Even if I change the viewport width, I can see the same symptom in different positions…

Any help will be appreciated!

Hey. It’s the height of the images that it’s causing the issues. Some of them are taller and they push the content away. You could either use background-images on the divs or you could style them like this:

#portfolio img {
  margin: 0 auto; /* To center them */

Also, you might want to use RawGit for the Typething script from github (so you won’t need to paste it in the JS panel). You just need to paste a direct link to the script there, and use one of the two links that it provides. In your case, this one should work fine:

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Hi @noyb… Tks a lot!

I will use a media query to set the right height for different viewport sizes!

About the RawGit… yes, you are absolutely right! I only discover the RawGit a few days ago! I will update this pen! hahaha

Tks man!