Need help with my twitch app

I am nearly done with my Twitch app but I can not figure out how to display closed accounts. I am not sure what I am doing wrong and I feel like I have tried everything. Please help me. Here is my pen.

hey @johnwm211 nice job thus far, if you do a console.log( it will show the json you’ve received from your request, looking closely at it you will see the accounts that’s close (streamData.status: 422) or never exist (streamData.status: 404)
So from that you can do an if statement like :

    if (streamData.status == 404 || streamData.status == 422) {
     //display the HTML format here for the accounts that closed or don't exist
     using streamData.message to display the info about the accounts

Hope that helps

That makes perfect sense but it’s still not working. I have no idea what the problem is.

Add &callback=? at the end of your ` urls.

Change if statement in stream JSON to if ( == null && !data.message)

Thank you so much @jenovs! That worked like a a charm!