Need help with profile-link

I can’t pass test item #8 profile-link. I have a link and it takes me to my FCC profile, so I’m not understanding what’s wrong.
Also I could use some help learning to put my projects in grids with images to make my page look better, but I know that’s not required.
Thanks so much.

Here’s a link to my page
Personal Portfolio (

have you read the message below the failing test?


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Yes. That’s what I’m not understanding. I have an id of “profile-link” in my contacts section. It opens to my FCC profile page. I can’t figure out where I’m going wrong.

You have duplicate ids.

Here is one

<section id="profile-link" 

here is the second one

    <a id="profile-link" 

You need to get rid of the section one.

Wow! You are the best!!! Thank you. That worked and now I’ve passed all the tests. My next goal is to learn to put my projects in a grid.
Thanks again,

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I had this same issue and solved it. But if you could explain as to why it worked with an <a> tag and not the <section> tag?

HI @Zeek !

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The error message is looking for a link which is an anchor tag.
Not a section element.
But also, the OP had duplicate ids which was also messing with the test.
Ids have to be unique.

Hope that clears it up!