Need help for one problem to pass the last problem

Need help if anyone can point out why I cannot pass this " My portfolio should have a link with an id of “profile-link”, which opens my GitHub or FCC profile in a new tab."

I already have that one but it won’t recognized. I’m not sure what went wrong. Here’s my codepen project:
This is the only thing I could not figure out.

See the screenshot attached of where I put the id=“profile-link”.

look below the failed test, it says why it is failing


expected 'DIV' to equal 'A'


Hey there @Marilyn1414, The challenge asks you to create a LINK with an id of “profile-link”.

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I’ll check this one tomorrow. Thanks for pointing out. Do you have a specific solution?

do not put the required id on a div element, as that is not a link

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Then where should i put it? Even I removed the link from the div, it won’t still passed.

Obviously, I can see this and read this over and over again and experimented. Nothing has happened. I’ll continue to see what else can I do from this error.

Set the id to the actual a element and not the div element and it should work @Marilyn1414

Hi @Landon. It’s now fixed. I just put it at the end of the a element. Thanks for all of you who responded. Excited for the certification and the next lesson.