Personal portfolio tests 7 and 8

Hi, everyone. I’m still very new to coding. I’m passing all of the tests except for tests 7 and 8. I have also clicked and tested the link for my GitHub and it still works in terms of opening another window, but it still won’t pass.

My portfolio should have a link with an id of “profile-link”, which opens my GitHub or FCC profile in a new tab.

Did you use a id with the name of profile-link in your HTML?

you never close your nav element, and you should not give two different ids to the same element, and id should be unique, you have two elements with id #social_network

for some elements you have only the opening tag, and for other only the closing tag. Example, the header elements, and a few divs

Okay, I got rid of the div and plugged in ‘profile-id’. I don’t think “social_network” is a class anyway, so I removed that too and replaced it with #profile-link.
I know that one of the classes now is empty.

syntax errors:

  • your nav element does not have a closing tag
  • your nav element should have only one id attribute, not two
  • <class="projects-grid"> is not a valid tag
  • there is an empty h2 element

for the tests:

  • the element with id of #profile-link should be an a element, not a section element
  • for the test number 8, the error “At least one navbar link should move the page position when clicked”, your page is too short to move. Your page needs to have enough content to be longer than the viewport.

I know that <class=“projects-grid”> isn’t a valid tag. I’m unsure which tag it belongs to, though. Would it be a section?

  • github link should have a id of profile-link instead of social_network.
  • In you code I notice you used #welcome_section in the nav link and in the section id you used welcome-section
  • on line 27 you used two ids instead of one.
  • if you are not sure about <class="projects-grid"> just delete it and you can add it later if need be.
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Thanks for the tips and being specific. However, when I changed up the welcome section, it took me back three tests.

You have errors in the CSS before the media queries which means your media queries break, so that test fails. For the other tests, you have got the answers already.

For test 7 the page needs to scroll, you can add some fake height to the body. Doing that will reveal that your nav isn’t fixed. You used a id on the element <nav id="navbar"> but a class in the CSS .navbar.

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All right, do you think that for the media query, I should move it to the top?

No, it should be below the styles it is overwriting. BTW, you are doing the same thing on the header as you did on the nav (id on element and class in the CSS)