Can't get test to pass for personal portfolio project

Can someone please tell me what I did wrong here. I can’t get my test to pass. Something is wrong with adding "id=“profile-link”. I have searched on google and every solution that has been posted is not working for me. I know I have something missing or something entered in incorrectly.

if you read below the user story not passing there is a expected DIV to equal A - I read it as a div having that id and not an a element

The issue is the <a href> at the very end of your html, there are several issues with it.

  1. the <div> you have above it has id="profile-link" and that needs to be changed. also you need a closing tag for the <div>.

  2. the <a> itself needs a closing tag and remove the “scr” from inside it.

I was able to get the test to pass with those changes. Give it a try and report back how it works out.

 <div class="profile-link" id="profile-link">
   <a id="profile-link" scr href="" target="_blank" 

I tried both ways - the <a> needs the id, not the <div>.

Thank you, Thank you! It worked! I guess I’ve been looking at it so much I wasn’t thinking it could be something so simple!.

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exactly, there is a div with that id that shouldn’t have it