Personal Portfolio tests not passing

Hi! I’ve finally broke down to ask for help! Any advice will be appreciated.

I can’t figure out why the rest of the tests aren’t passing. It appears as though I’ve met the criteria. Also, my “h1” is stuck to the top of the "welcome section, If I add a top margin to the h1, the whole section moves.

I know it doesn’t look great, just trying to get to the JS section so I can build a personal project. Thanks!

Hi @ScottSager, when a test fails, click the red button to see which test(s) are failing and text to help you correct the issue.
Be sure and read more than just the first line of the failing message. The ability to read and comprehend error messages is a skill you’ll need to acquire as a developer. Ask questions on what you don’t understand.

The first failing message says;

My portfolio should have a link with an id of "profile-link", which opens my GitHub or FCC profile in a new tab.
Clicking #profile-link should cause a link to open in a new tab : expected 'blank' to equal '_blank'
AssertionError: Clicking #profile-link should cause a link to open in a new tab : expected 'blank' to equal '_blank'

Do you now understand what the test is looking for?

By reading more than just the first line in the other failing tests can you figure out what the tests are looking for?

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Hello. Also your target="blank" need an underscore like target="_blank"

@parkerjmartin…I was avoiding giving the answer and trying to help the OP discover it themself by thoroughly reading the error message…like I said in my post.

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Okay…I do have target=“blank”. Does the issue have something to do with the fraise “click #profile-link”, which is the id, not the link itself?? I’m obviously still confused.

Imma let Roma get this one.

Okay, well he gave the answer… Funny, I noticed the difference there, but thought that the underscore was part of the script. Thanks!

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@ScottSager, so your link has target="blank
That is the issue, that’s a syntax error. Not correct HTML.
The test tells you expected 'blank' to equal '_blank'

The _blank is the correct syntax

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I dont read your post.

I’m going to figure out the other issues using the errors. Thanks again!

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Feel free to come back and ask is there’s something you don’t understand.


Well, I am still confused as to why my h1 is stuck to the top of the welcome section…

Well, I got everything to pass. Probably not the proper way :sweat_smile:, but it’s finished!

Good job. Get your tests to pass and then work on styling.

If you’d like feedback on your completed project open a new topic in the #project-feedback subforum when you’re ready.

your margin-top in your h1’s css might be keeping your h1 element out of the yellow header area. Just guessing but just remove its value and see if that does anything.
Hope this was helpful. :+1:

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That’s exactly why it’s there. Thanks!

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Well, I am still confused as to why my h1 is stuck to the top of the welcome section…

Happy to help. Im glad that helped you out! Very Good my friend :+1: :+1:
Now you know Why your H1 was Stuck at the top of your page!

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