Need Product Landing Page Ideas, Not a Very Creative Person

I’m working on the Product Landing Page and while the first two were easy this third one is stumping me. It requires a bit of an artistic touch and inspiration and, not gonna lie, I’m not a creative person, more of a problem solver if I’m honest, it’s why I dropped UX design. Maybe someone can give me some ideas to work with?

When in doubt, copy.

Hi there ! I would suggest choosing a really simple product and building a website around the theme it evokes, I am actually working on mine right now and did it on water (doesnt get more basic) here’s the link: Hope that helps :smiley:

Good thinking.
In exchange I shall give you feedback, for each segment with a youtube video might I recommend changing the colors up to make each segment stick out more.

Some suggestions for general Technical Landing page products with which you might be familiar enough to include:

*hi-tech flashlight
*new cellphone company product
*state-of-the-art sunglasses

Another trick:
Think of your favorite thing to do and what tools you use (ex: cooking, garage mechanics, bicycling, boating, etc). Then, use that tool as your product landing page. Why? Because you are probably very familiar with that tool on a technical level.

As for design, I’ll let someone else answer that because I am still familiarizing myself with changing web dev trends for UI and pages.

Hope this helped.