Where should I choose a product for the landing page?

Hello campers
how to choose a product for the landing page project?
and where could I find it?
would it be real or fake?

and many thanks in advance

I recommend you go to a photostock page and try to find some nice photos to inspire you. Good images always help make your page look nicer. I decided to do that with mine and it helped inmensely. I will leave you the link in case you want to check it out.
Good luck in your journey!


You can choose anything you like since this is not a real page. :slight_smile:

I would think about it from a design perspective. Pick a product that you can use inspiration for the design of the rest of the page. Do you want to make the page bright and colorful? Sleek and minimalist?

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thanks so much for the helpful reply and sharing your project. it looks great and professional.
I really do appreciate.

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thanks so much for your reply. it is a nice idea. thank you

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I am glad it helped! :wink:

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