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As I add more code to my page my background keeps expanding beyond the website area and I can’t figure out why this time. I checked the width in my css and I can’t find the problem.

Lots of things could cause this, if you could share your code I’d be happy to take a look

Thank you @bsroka:

Nice looking page! The problem is the #work.row

You will see below that it is extending the page, everything else looks good that I can see:

So what is going on? Well on #work you have the class column-12. Inside this column, you have a row.
From this picture, you can see that the row is not centered in the column:

Rows do not belong in a column. Columns go in rows, and rows belong in a container or container-fluid. A much better way to do this would be something along the lines of this:

<section id='work' class='container-fluid'>
  <div class='row'>
    <div class='col-12-etc'>...</div>

Also, get rid of the 200px padding and use percents. When the screen size gets small, you are setting yourself up for problems.

There are other problems in it, but this should keep you busy for now. Once you get it all fixed, definitely show it to us again, and if you want to mention me to make sure I see it, I will be glad to give you a further review. Good luck and happy coding :smiley:


Ahhh, thank you @IsaacAbrahamson for you help and the compliment. Got I see now. I couldn’t identify in the developer tools.

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@IsaacAbrahamson thank you very much for your help. I made the changes and it looks a better. I would appreciate any further review that you could offer: Trying to get good at coding from scratch. The bootstrap link was helpful too.

Great, It is getting somewhat late here, but I will make a note to check it out tomorrow hopefully!

b.t.w, you can’t link a debug link, in case anyone else wants to review it:

Also, since you got your question asked and are looking for review, I am going to move it to Project Feedback.

Oh no forgot to post editor view. Thanks again for your help. I lost all my changes when my one year old decided that he wanted to code too…lol But it will be good practice for me to start over again. :slight_smile:

Lol, I trust he is a natural :wink:

We all have one of those “oops” moments. Now to quote from the “Computer Bible”

Backup is my computer’s shepherd, My data shall not want. It lets me download software with good pleasure, knowing my data is untroubled like still waters. It restores my system, It lets me surf the paths of cyberspace for information’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the Silicon Valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: For my backup system is on standby, My backup software and online backup, they comfort me. They prepare me a fresh backup in the presence of mine enemies, They anoint my head with peace, my cpu runneth over. Surely goodness and security shall follow my data all the days of my life, and my data will continue to live on forever.

— T.E. Ronneberg

I will not forget again…lol