Need severe guidance with my quote machine

The quote machine challenge with a tweet button. I have been going insane trying to get this to work struggling for the past 3 days. I’m at my wits end. Somebody please tell me what the hell I’m doing so wrong to be so bad at this.

The quote machine is fine and functional, but for the love of god, this damn twitter share button has be almost in tears, yelling at my computer screen and hating my life. I’ve been looking god damned EVERYWHERE for answers and all the answers I find work perfectly in the video/tutorial/guide as soon as I use it god damn character for character it does absolutely nothing close to work.

Hello man ^^
Not a priest here, but i think i can help a bit :stuck_out_tongue:
I forked your pen and

  1. deleted .join from

var fullQuote = (currentQuote + currentAuthor).join("");
and suddenly the button worked^^
Tip: join() you use is Array.prototype.join. You join strings with String.concat or, as you did, with the “+” operator

  1. it tweets NaN, i suggest you to take a look at that “value” here

var currentAuthor= document.getElementById(‘authorDisplay’).value;

Hope it helps,