Random Quote Machine - Twitter

Hi everyone,

I’m working on the Random Quote Machine challenge, but can’t seem to get my tweet button to work.

If I click the tweet button before I click the first button to generate a quote, the link to twitter works (although there is no quote to pre-populate the field)

However, if I click the quote button first, the tweet button’s link doesn’t work.

What am I doing wrong?

Add these after you assign the values to currentQuote and currentAuthor


There is html and spaces you are adding to the twitter link you are trying to make.

You can use encodeURIComponent() to help make the link you need.

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Thank you br3ntor, that helped me see what I was doing wrong. To fix it, I used .text() to take the string contents inside the <p> element and use them to pre-fill the input for the tweet. Also used .hide() and .show() to hide the tweet button until there’s a quote in the <p> element.

I’ll have to read up on encodeURIComponent() as it’s new to me, but thank you for the suggestion.

Edit: Also deleted the currentQuote and currentAuthor variables as I didn’t need them anymore.