Need some explaining

// Setup

const myArray = [];

let i = 10;

// Only change code below this line

do {




while (i < 5) ;


can you explain where “i” is suppose to = 11

Trace through the code line by line, keeping track of what that variable is.

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Let’s forget it’s some code and try to read it as plain english to keep it simpler :slight_smile:
The variable i starts as 10 right?
Next is no matter what put the current value of i in the array. Wouldn’t that make myArray [10]? then increase the value of i by 1.
That makes myArray [10] and i to be 11 right?
What’s the next step? is i < 5? It’s not because 11 > 5. So no reason to go again through the do…while loop and we move to the next statement which is the console.log(myArray)

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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oh my heavens…wow i feel a little embarrassed now, i shouldve figured that out…I can tear apart a car engine and put it back together but didnt see this one…hahahaha , thank you

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Nothing to feel embarassed about man. Sometimes even after years of coding you stumble into simple code and you just need to stop trying, go for a walk and come back and try again with a fresh brain while keeping it simple. So keep fire burning you are doing great :slight_smile:

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