Need some help on image sizing

Hi all.
So I’m having some trouble sizing an image on my personal portfolio. I cant seem to get it to fit nice and snug and line up with my text in the same row.

I’m unable to cut the bottom off to line up with the bottom of the background color. I also do not want that white space inbetween the photo and background color.

Any help is greatly appreciated, I’ve been scratching my head for a while with this one.

Heres my Codepen:

I can not see a photo, because imgur is blocking the image. They do not like hotlinks to other websites.

Also, if you do not want it to drop to a different row on smaller screens, try use col-7 and col-7 instead of col-7-lg and col-5-lg

Ok so I have updated the hosting so the image should show now. Still having trouble getting it to fit in nicely.