Need To Change Default Language In Script - Spanish To English

I need to change the default language translation in an online language translation Javascript from English to English to Spanish to English. The default had been Spanish to English, and it still is on an older Chromebox that I have that can’t be updated any further. After updating the Chrome build on my newer Chromebox to the latest build, the default is showing as English to English. The short script that I currently have and use on the older Chromebox was created for me with the help of a user on this forum.

The administrators of this forum think what I am writing is spam. I’m just looking for help to solve a problem that I have. It has to do with a language translation website that I use called Lingro. I don’t own the site and am not promoting it. I’ll try and follow-up with the URL of the “webmaster tools” of the website. The owner of the website is an employee of Google. The problem is that he is no longer maintaining the website. This has forced me to look for a script that will make the website functional once again.

As I mentioned, a script that was written for me was working fine for about a year until I bought a new Chromebox. Now, the default language translation is English to English. I don’t know how to change it. The “webmaster tools” URL says: “To explicitly specify the language to which text will be translated, you can set the dictionary attribute. For example, to make all words use the Spanish to German dictionary, your HTML would look like:…”

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