Bilingual website: which is the best solution?

Hello, fellow campers!

After a long run learning web development, I decided to build my portfolio to look out for real jobs. It is still under construction and I’m using no frameworks, just the good old HTML, CSS, and JS . You can see how things are going here

As I am from Brazil, the main language is Portuguese, although, I’m also willing to work with clients from abroad. With this in mind, I found a tricky challenge to resolve. Which is the best method to translate the website to English for non-Brazilian prospects?

I thought about redirecting through JS based on the browser language. The issue is that the website will first load in Portuguese and just redirect after JS runs. It’s a solution, but not a really good one.

I’ll really appreciate some help from more experienced devs to find the best solution and make my portfolio accessible to everyone.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi, @michaelnimmer , thanks a lot for your reply. Yes, I considered this option, but I was wondering if would be better to build a native English version. In terms of SEO and efficiency, which option would be best? Do you mind to send me a screenshot of the text you are seeing?