Spanish language HTML elements

I volunteer teach computer topics at a local bilingual elementary school. Is there a website development system I can use in which all HTML elements, attributes, etc are entirely in Spanish? I’m looking for something that does not require a non-English speaker to essentially jump over 2 hurdles just to get started with web development. I’ve looked at the rather nice job that FCC has done with the Spanish language tutorials, but noted that the HTML and CSS are still iall n English.

Hello there.
I don’t think it’s possible, based on what little knowledge I know.

What I think you can do is translate the English terms into Spanish to make it easier for your students to understand. Unfortunately, it will still be necessary to write the terms in English for the code to work at the time of practical exercises.

I hope this helps.

Hello Gustavo, I have already written a pre-processor that substitutes English HTML, CSS, and JS terms for their Spanish equivalents. Because I am not a Spanish speaking programmer, I am looking for advice on the best, most understandable Spanish terms for my students to use. Would you be able to help?

Hi! You had a great idea. Unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish, my native language is Portuguese. I hope you find a Spanish speaker who can help you.

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