Need you to review on my simon game

Hello fellow campers,

today i finished my finale project, the simon game.

it was hard it took me about a week lol,

i wanted to make it with raw javascript not libraries.

here is the link to my codepen


there is a problem with the css, which i don’t know how to fix,
codepen always does that to my style and still can’t figure out why.
it’s working well on my laptop.
(if some one could tell me why the on and off button are not centerd would be great)

please i really need your feed back.

i am waiting. :yum:

have a nice day.

I just took a look at this on my mobile and everything is centered properly but the game won’t play at all :frowning: I will try and remember to take a look at the code when I get off work tonight.

Ok I took a look at your code and I was able to center the on/off switch. I did the following:

 //In the html I put the "Switch" inside a div
  <div class="box">
	  <div class='onOff'>
		  <button class="on">On</button>
		  <button class="off">Off</button>
//Then in the css
  margin: auto;

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

thank you so much for you time, you solution help so much.

when i finished the game on my computer (outside of codepen) everything is centered, but just when i post it on code pen something gets messed up, it happened on my previous projects too.

also, i just played the game on code pen with my samsung s3 and it worked fine.

thanks again for your help, i really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I like how the buttons change their shape when the screen dimensions change.
Sometimes if I push the buttons before starting a game, the note counter is set wrong (e.g. will give me 3 notes at the start of the game instead of 1). I can’t reliably duplicate the problem, but it happened several times.

thank you for the reply.

and i did notice that when clicking on the start the game starts with a series of two, and it can happen again when reloading the page.

honestly i didn’t look into it, as i thought nothing of it.

it’s a feature hahaha it’s boring to start with one.

thank you for your reply. :slight_smile: