Nesting in select element

Hi Everyone,
I was trying to nest the select statement within the label element but it is giving me an error. Please suggest how can i connect the error . I have already tried the solutions suggested earlier but that hasn’t helped me either.

        <label>Upload a profile picture: <input type="file" /></label>
        <label>Input your age (years): <input type="number" min="13" max="120" />How did you hear about us?<select></select></label>

Please post a link to the challenge. But also my guess without referring to the instructions is that you should not be adding a new select element if your code already has one at the start. But that is just a guess as I don’t recall this step.

please find the question:Nest the select element (with its option elements) within a label element with the text How did you hear about us? . The text should come before the select element.

Upload a profile picture:
Input your age (years): How did you hear about us?

can you post a link to the challenge? I need to see the actual code given there.

sure, can you tell me how to get the link please?

Just copy the page address that you are on. It is in the browser at the top in the field you usually type into.

Thanks for posting the link.

If you click the reset button (which looks like an arrow turning) and look at the original code given to you in this step, you will see there is already a select statement there.

So you do not need to add another one.
Just nest the one that is there in a new label element as requested with the text given.
Make sure it looks okay in the preview pane as well.

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