New design for freecodecamp

Hello, I would like to propose if the community was willing to propose new designs for the page. I have friends who have fallen back by the single design …

Something like …

Design or domain name? :thinking:

yes … Some details like the font color, etc

That wasn’t a yes or no question…

Are you asking to have different designs for the FCC curriculum?

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Yes, that looks much more beatiful …

I am sorry, I don’t understand

Are you saying that people are unable to use/are failing FCC because of the design?

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What I say as unprofessional … I do not know … Maybe it’s just a childish thing, but what if it does not? I thought the same … But the content is powerful …

That’s why I opened this answer, to see what they thought

I don’t really understand what your point is, as you’ve not really made any points.

Why don’t you do a simple list of things that you would like to see change, and then maybe we can work out what you mean.


Give me a few hours and it was sent

If you have specific suggestions on ways that you believe can be improved, then you can make those suggestions as GitHub Issues. The colors are unlikely to change because FCC has developed its own branding, but you are welcome to start conversations about design improvements.