Feedback on curriculum

Hey im here just to leave a comment about learning in FCC. Guys with all respect of the world. I love that online academy , i learn a lot thanks to FCC.
But… You are so confusing. I think, before to teach someone … learn to teach… Because you are full of confusing challenges.
I give you a simple example: "The kids are learning how to get blue color mixing yellow color with red color. The teacher show to kids how the have to mix that 2 colors to get one color : “Blue”.
Few moments later the teacher examing students. And ask kids to get the the Purple color … But the kids are confused,they are just learn to mix with yellow color and red color!! They try again and again and always have the same result. BLUE color, just because they learn only mix that two colors, no more "
So here the same… If i learning one thing, like 2+2, why on that challenge you ask me what is the result of (2+ 2 / (10-5) * 4 { this.props == undefined… bla bla bla) ?
I dont know if you understand what i mean…
I just want to learn and understand all about web development. But sometimes , after some challenges on FCC i just want lo leave it!!!
Anyway, thanks for all that oportunity

Hey, didn’t you understand some of the instruction? You can always ask in forum about confusion.

The example you gave about teaching is good, but check if the challenge, you’re learning has some pre-requisites?


Welcome, emoclasic.

Thank you, for taking the time to give your feedback.

Just because I do not like repeating too much, here are my thoughts on this kind of matter:

I suspect many of your qualms will be abated with the new version of the curriculum:

Finally, remember that you too can become a contributor to the content: Contribution Guidelines |

Hope this is of some use.


If you’re teaching someone to code, you don’t teach them every single possible case. If you want to teach someone how addition works, you won’t give him every solution for every possible addition in the world, 1 + 1 = 2, 1 + 2 = 3, 1 + 3 = 4, 1 + 1000 = 1001… etc. Instead, you’d teach them how the + operator works.
To stay with your colours example, a good teacher would tell his students about how colour addition works in general, not the outcome of every single possible mixing of colours. That abstraction is all a student needs to find the solution for himself. Which is the essence of a coder’s life.

Of course it’s hard sometimes. But as said above, you can always come to the forums if you have a specific question.